The mission of the educators and administrators of Alpine School District’s Gifted Programs and Services is to advocate for appropriate educational opportunities for the diverse population of high ability students. We believe that all children have the right to be educated in an environment wherein real and measurable learning occurs.


  • advancing the understanding that administrators, educators, parents and the community have of the unique and exceptional academic and social/emotional needs of gifted and talented children
  • increasing the capacity of administrators, educators, parents, and the community to be agents of positive change in the lives of gifted and talented children
  • promoting the development of a continuum of quality services for gifted and talented students in every school in Alpine School District

The Advanced Learning Lab, or A.L.L.  is the district program offered to elementary students grade 3 to grade 6.  The curriculum is built upon the Common Core State Standards, with students reading advanced level literature, advancing in mathematics and going deeper and broader in science and social studies.  Other curriculum contents such as music, art, computers and physical education will be threaded throughout the curriculum as well.

Placement in the A.L.L. class is intended to be a two-year commitment.  Students test in their 2nd grade year for the third/fourth program and 4th grade for fifth/sixth grade placement.

Testing will be done in January of the students’ 2nd and 4th grade year and placement will be viewed as a two-year commitment. Students may test in 3rd and 5th grade for placement but due to the nature of the program, placement is limited to any openings that become available as other students withdraw from the program.