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After School Activities

Singing Sharks Choir

Choir is held on Tuesdays, from 2:15-3:30 in the gym. Practices usually begin in September, followed by a Christmas program performance in December.  In the Spring, a performance is held in May and both programs are published on our school calendar.  The night performances start at 6:00pm. Your choir directors are Miss Schmidt, Mrs. Done, Mrs. Bradley, Mrs. Sperry and Mr. Goodman.

A flyer with specific details is sent home at the beginning of the school year.  Interested students take the note home to discuss participation with their family. We ask that students make their commitment decision with care. When a student is not able to attend each practice, it is very hard on our dedicated directors! Missing rehearsals is a pretty big deal because there are few rehearsals before each performance.  Choir is kind of hard work at the beginning when we are learning songs. But every time we meet it gets easier and more fun. And then it gets way fun as we perform and get to know each other and have little parties and laugh! Oh yes, there will be laughing. There is a participation donation that is requested to cover the cost of your choir shirt, props, treats and the copies of music we buy so we can sing songs legally!

Please call or email Mr. Goodman at School (801-610-8716 ext. 223152 or Email: [email protected]), if you have specific questions.

Sharks Chess Academy

Chess Academy is back!  Students in 3rd – 6th grade are invited to test their applied strategy and skills.  Help make this school year another great year of chess!  Studies have shown that kids who play chess do better at math.  In the past we have had over 100 students join in the sport of playing chess.  We may be participating in local and regional tournaments; it is contingent on the protocols that may be in place to ensure safety.

Our chess coaches this year are Mr. McCann (5th grade) and Mrs. Riding (4th grade A.L.L.).  We invite parents who love chess to support our coaches and participate with the Chess Academy!  

Chess will be held every Thursday from 2:15 to 3:30PM in the Media Center starting the first Thursday in November and will run through the Thursday before Spring Break.  There is no transportation and/or bus service.  Parents will be responsible to pick up their child promptly at 3:30PM. Invitations will be sent after Fall Break each year. The deadline for turning in forms is the last Friday in October.

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